C. J. "Neil" Mullaney
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Benjamin E. Clark
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When you require the services of expert railroad consultants, take the “Fast Track” to success! Fast Track Railroad Consultants, LLC, is an efficient, quality driven consulting firm. Our consulting team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals, proficient in multiple facets of railroad mechanical and transportation disciplines.

Our firm offers a broad range of professional services to railroads, insurance companies, law firms and equipment owners throughout North America. Whether you need railroad equipment inspections, appraisals, assistance with asset disposition or management advice, you can count on Fast Track Railroad Consultants, LLC.

Professional expertise, uncompromising customer service—that’s what our customers have come to expect. Contact Benjamin Clark at (603) 398-8720 to learn how Fast Track Railroad Consultants, LLC, can help with your next rail project!
                  *..Locomotive and Passenger Coach Evaluations *..Due Diligence Audits
                  *..Emergency Preparedness Plans *..System Safety Plans
                  *..Railroad Equipment Sales *..Quality Control
                  *..Equipment Market Appraisals *..Accident Estimates and Review
                  *..Insurance and Risk Management *..Compliance Reviews
Feel free to Contact Benjamin Clark at (603) 398-8720 to learn how Fast Track Railroad
Consultants L.L.C. can help you with your next project!

Ben Clark, as railroad owner and CJ "Neil" Mullaney from MBTA commuter rail experience have each proven themselves as an expert consultant on rail, equipment, accident support, rail disasters, legal opinions, rail rebuilding and railroad emergency planning as well as recovery efforts. When you need an expert consultant on railroad matters, each consultant from Fast Track is the one with the experience and expertise you need.