Accident Damage Assessment and Review “Providing Solutions to Real World Challenges”

Fast Track Railroad Consultants, LLC, can serve as your trusted advisor following a flood, hurricane or other natural disaster. Our team of consultants will work in harmony with railroad personnel and contractors to implement strategies critical to the resumption of railroad operations.

Our firm can also help your company assess damage and calculate costs associated with the repair of a locomotive, railcar or grade crossing signal system following an accident. We work with insurance companies to review claims and identify the costs involved with railroad related mishaps. We work with law firms as expert witnesses to provide guidance in railroad related matters.

The complexities of the railroad environment can be daunting, but the perspective afforded by our team of experts will provide solutions to your real world challenges.

Feel free to contact Benjamin Clark at (603) 398-8720 to learn how Fast Track Railroad Consultants, LLC, can assist with your next rail project!

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